Brent Fence House

New Build House
Brent, North West London
On Site: October 2019 - October 2020

A new family home for a tree-filled back garden site in Brent, North West London.

In order to avoid all trees on the site, the house is positioned hard up against the street boundary where the existing timber fence wraps the ground floor of the house.

Above the fence the house references the form and materials of neighbouring post-war and modern housing.

To the rear, a glazed two-storey living and dining space faces south through the trees, views and dappled light giving a feeling of living in a woodland clearing.

Designed for an Architect and Artist, both with Architecture PhDs, the 3-bedroom house also includes a 60sqm basement studio and workshop for their work across practice and education in Art and Architecture.

Planning Permission was received in April 2019 and construction has begun on site.